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The Psalms teach us something about who God is and who we are. There are hundreds of Psalms, and this summer, from June to August, we’re going to look at 10 of them.  Poetry isn’t always easy to understand, but the Psalms are far more practical and touchable than we often think.  Together we will explore how His consistent character creates space for honest prayers and gives cause for praise.  We will examine what it means to truly lament and build into our lives the practice of thanksgiving and confession.  Whew, that sounds like a lot, BUT, we have all summer to sip iced drinks, open the Psalms and invite the Holy Spirit to reveal who we are in light of who God is.  Won't you join us?

We have RESOURCES  to help you on your journey.  Click the "How To Read The Psalms" attachment for insight and additional resources on the Psalms.

We can't wait to explore the scriptures as a church family!



Download the free pdf to read along on your summer vacation, as you head to the lake, or hang out with your family.


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